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CMAHC Administrative Framework

The CMAHC was created to build a sustainable model for renewing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC). It is an independent, non-profit organization that is strongly partnered with CDC and other groups. The CMAHC is the primary clearinghouse for advising CDC on data-based changes to the MAHC and accomplishes this by holding a national CMAHC Conference every 3 years to propose and recommend changes to the MAHC. It also serves as a national support center for MAHC use by giving technical assistance and developing toolkits for aquatic facility operators and health departments. It coordinates development of the national MAHC research plan and partners with other organizations to identify funding for priority-based research needed to improve the MAHC. The organizational elements created to achieve the CMAHC mission are discussed below.

CMAHC Bylaws

The CMAHC Bylaws describe the goals, structure, and operating processes of the organization. This page includes the current version of the Bylaws as well as archived copies of previous versions.

CMAHC Bylaws

CMAHC Anti-trust Statement

CMAHC functions, be they conferences, board, or committee meetings, by their very nature, bring competitors together. To avoid antitrust allegations it is necessary to avoid discussions of sensitive topics. Agreements to engage in product boycotts, restrictive market allocations, refusal to deal with third parties, and price restraining activities are automatically illegal under antitrust laws. Read the entire CMAHC Anti-trust statement

Board of Directors

The CMAHC Board of Directors hires the Executive Director and assesses and advises on the overall direction and strategy for the CMAHC. The Board was initially launched in 2013 by transitioning members from the MAHC Steering Committee to be members of the interim CMAHC Board of Directors. In 2014, the interim Board of Directors completed the organizational planning needed to

  1. Develop CMAHC Bylaws
  2. Decide on the make-up and seat the permanent Board of Directors

The interim Board developed the draft 2013 Bylaws to start the CMAHC process and in 2014 refined those Bylaws considering the model for the CMAHC, the Conference for Food Protection, which serves a similar role as the CMAHC for the Food and Drug Administration's Model Food Code. The first complete Board of Directors was seated in 2014. All CMAHC activities are aimed at improving health and safety at public aquatic venues. All CMAHC members should avoid any appearance of antitrust discussion when conducting CMAHC business.

Current Board of Directors

Past Board of Director Members

Executive Director

The Executive Director for the Conference for the Model Aquatic Health Code (CMAHC) oversees the day to day operation of the CMAHC. The CMAHC Executive Director oversees operations and molds the organizational structure of the CMAHC to make data and knowledge-based recommendations to improve the MAHC. The Executive Director works to:

  1. Advocate nationally and internationally for aquatic health and safety
  2. Lead the CMAHC organization, build membership, and promote active participation
  3. Build fiscal sustainability by exercising fiscal responsibility
  4. Promote and facilitate assistance to drive adoption of the MAHC
  5. Oversee, plan the operation, and host/lead the CMAHC Conferences
  6. Communicate and assist with coordination of CMAHC committee operations
  7. Build strong relationships with CDC and stakeholders
  8. Oversee CMAHC administration and operation

Executive Director

Technical Director

The Technical Director for the CMAHC focuses on expanding technical understanding of the MAHC, strengthens the science and best practices integrated into the MAHC, and drives continual data and knowledge-based improvement and adoption of the MAHC. The CMAHC Technical Director administers and manages all technical aspects of the CMAHC mission while upholding the highest ethical standards. Specifically, the Technical Director works to:

  1. Drive Change Request agenda
  2. Provide technical consultations
  3. Serve as technical expert on all aspects of the MAHC; gives national/other presentations as needed
  4. Oversee CMAHC Committee work
  5. Vet and approve products for the CMAHC Certification Program
  6. Provide expert materials and guidance for web posting
  7. Drive the research agenda
  8. Interface and collaborate with the Executive Director
  9. Communicate with CDC's MAHC liaisons
The CMAHC is currently looking for a new part time Technical Director to start immediately. Please click here for details.

Technical Director

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