CMAHC Committees

CMAHC Committees

The CMAHC is a volunteer driven organization. Most work is accomplished through committees consisting of dedicated members working to make the MAHC the best possible guidance document. A variety of CMAHC Committees exist to help with operation, technical review, and planning. All CMAHC activities are aimed at improving health and safety at public aquatic venues. All CMAHC members should avoid any appearance of antitrust discussion when conducting CMAHC business.

Technical Review Committee

The Technical Review Committee develops the technical reviews of submitted Change Requests, incorporates membership comments, and presents this review along with a membership vote recommendation at the CMAHC Biennial Conference

Technical Support Committees

The Technical Support Committees cover seven different technical areas and provide critical support to the Technical Review Committee in reviewing, assessing, and making recommendations regarding Change Requests.

Ad Hoc Technical Committees

Ad Hoc Technical Committees are set up to develop Change Requests or foundational data and information needed for developing Change Requests on important issues that the membership have identified.

Standing Committees

Standing Committees are created to develop and oversee solutions to long-term CMAHC needs related to the management and operation issues of the organization. The committee functions are long-term in nature so membership will be rotated as needed.

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