Triennial Conference

CMAHC Vote on the Code Triennial Conference

Every 3 years, CMAHC members can take part in the CMAHC process to update the MAHC and have their input heard by CDC as it revises and releases the next edition of the MAHC. The next CMAHC Conference will be held October 13-14, 2020, in Houston, Texas. The results of the 2017 CMAHC Vote on the Code Biennial Conference have been archived following incorporation into CDC’s 2018 MAHC 3rd Edition.

As a CMAHC member, you have the unique opportunity to be part of the CMAHC process to update the MAHC to review, comment, and vote on all Change Requests in full.

  • First, you can make your "virtual voice" heard by submitting Change Requests to speak to MAHC issues you think are important.
  • Second you can comment and provide new data on other submitted Change Requests that highlight needed improvements, or point out important deficits of the Change Request that will be seen by all CMAHC members, the Technical Review Committee, and the seven Technical Committees. Your feedback could impact the overall Technical Review Committee review and Change Request revisions.
  • Third, you can add your "actual voice" to the discussion at the CMAHC Vote on the Code Conference.
  • Fourth, all members can submit comments on the CRs before, during, and for several weeks after the conference to provide further data that could influence how other members vote. These comments can be used to add new data to the conversation and further explain how you think members should vote.
  • Fifth, all members are able to vote on each and every one of the Change Requests when voting opens at the start of the Conference.
  • Sixth, members are eligible to be members of Technical, Ad Hoc, and Standing Committees to assist the progress of the CMAHC before the triennial conference.

CMAHC Process to Update the MAHC

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